South Aftican artist Asha Zero is known for creating paintings which appear to be collage but are in fact hand rendered illustrations, something that blows our minds when you really take a good look at the work closely. Not only that but the work seems to just jump at you and scream energy, often encompassing human emotional states like laughter, eye expressions, and immense color all coordinated into finely curated structures. The line work and composition are perfectly layed out and the skill and attention to detail is admirable – so much so we instantly had to share this because it’s rare we come across artists we fall in love with so quickly not to mention one that can mimic another art form through their own medium so wel – and we thought collage work was hard! We hope to bring you more from Asha in the future!

See more of of Asha Zero’s work here:  FACEBOOK / WEBSITE / SAATCHIART