Recently Kas Rasenberg graduated in Film & TV production from the University of Westminster in London with a specialization in Art Direction. An avid reader of Nakid she sent us something she wrote specially for us entitled “An Afternoon With Aaron“.  Explaining that she is no artist or does art, we think differently, writing is very much an art form, a beautiful escape from reality into other worlds and other stories other than our own. Next to working as an art director Rosenberg also writes poetry, short stories, and does photography as well as makes collages. She grew up on the country side in Holland and escaped to London when she was seventeen – she was hungry for adventure and striving to find her place in the world and adventure is what she found. Still in her early twenties, she believes poetry speaks through emotions compelled from the reading of them rather than the words written and I suppose that no matter how diverse our stories and lives may be – emotions are the one thing that connect us and define the human condition. In ‘An Afternoon With Aaron‘ she tried to capture the space between words, in order to stimulate subjective interpretation. Through a string of incoherent thoughts and metaphors that seem personal to her, she hopes to evoke a dialogue between senses, a universal dialogue. Almost like a surrealist painting, left to the stream of the unconcious rather than a planned precise structure.

The poem is part of a collection of poems, that is accomponied by photography, drawings and collages that form the zine she is currently working on. The zine will mainly reflect fragments of existence, inspired by rhythm and sound – or lack of it. The atmosphere of the zine is full of reflections and shadows, using mirrors as a hint towards narcissism and plants as a hint towards growth and nature – something so much stronger, wiser and older than humans, which silently yet so forcefull exists. At the moment she is experimenting with a super 8 camera, to turn a few of the poems into short films which will one day be turned into an exhibition. In her work she is focussing on grasping an essence of existence.



with human voices
delicately loose
like bruises
on a delicate and bare surface

we long
as once blue flowers
longed like lovers
for the first rays of fragile sunlight
upon illuminated freckled faces

of purity
of essence
of existence

of solitude
upon isolated roads

of silence
reflecting the golden fountains
of wandering streams of water
floating in circles

with dark shadows
we cannot reach

to live,
you said

when i closed my envelopping eyes
to the shadows of perception

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