This week on DUOS! Lindsay Jones of Larry Clark’s Marfa Girl and December 2014 Playboy Bunny, teamed up with friend and creative partner in crime from time to time Chris Luttrell to bring us this exclusive editorial set they shot together recently!  Lindsay is an artist and designer collaborates frequently Luttrell.  Currently featured in Jonathan Leder’s solo show at Superchief gallery in Los Angeles and in his film Promiscuities, Jones is making a name for herself working with some of the biggest names in photography and fashion.  She’s been shot by Richard Kern, Olivier Zahm and Aneta Bartos among others and she currently is working on her own digital sculpture and design work while continuing to model and act and in New York City.

As for Chris Luttrell his work is unmatched having worked in the fashion industry since 2007 with names like Nathaniel Goldberg and luxury brands from coast to coast he travels the world documenting and pushing his work to the limits. Recently he opened a working art studio for himself in upstate New York in Boiceville near Woodstock making sculptures, painting, shooting short films and writing. One of his portraits of Lindsay was featured in one of Richard Prince’s Instagram Portraits in April of 2014.

See more of Lindsay Jones work here:  INSTAGRAM

See more of Chris Luttrell’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE