Captain’s log, star date -2207442

Alien life from Kepler 452b has just landed on Earth. This is the only planet twin ever discovered.
This is the beginning of a new era, and this girl is the spokesperson of a new way of life.
Their sun is 1,5 billion years older than ours and it’s destined to die very soon.
Kepler inhabitants think that the Earth is the only place where they can live. In exchange to our hospitality they’re going to teach us the secret of their longevity. They practice sexual meditation, that consists in different yoga positions focused on reaching more intense orgasms and prolonged sexual satisfaction. This kind of sexuality must be practiced free from sentimental implications and practiced almost onetime a day. Only in this way longevity can be assured.

Photographers : Fausto Serafini @fausto.serafini and Alessandra Pace @_alessandrapace_

Models : Nina Orlandi @nina_redgirl

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