Today we have something amazing for you guys! THRILLERS new music video premiere for “Lipstick On The Mirror“, off their debut EP Cotton Candy Kisses which we featured on it’s release a few weeks back. The lo-fi r&b duo, THRILLERS, new video for ‘Lipstick on the Mirror’ is out on their indie label, TASTE Recordings and directed by Calder Greenwood. The 6-track album which debuted earlier this Summer, Cotton Candy Kisses, features lo synths and heart stopping disco pop hooks that will have you singing for days and not even realize it. We can’t get enough of it, every time we hear the track Body High we feel like we’re in an eighties flashback of ‘Weird Science’ or ‘Risky Business’ and everything is about to bust wide open! Their music is the kind that instantly sticks to your tongue, it makes you wanna request it on the dance floor when you know you shouldn’t bug the damn DJ just because it’s that good. The rush feeling you get when it’s Friday, you’re at your desk, the clock hits 5pm and it’s time to party, that’s this record, mixed with a little love and groove on the side to get your girl sweating you like you have the only Drake tickets in town. Siblings Gregory and Jeremy Pearson are the genius’ behind THRILLERS, and one thing is for sure, they are not only making a name for themselves but they are here to stay undoubtedly, and the future is truly theirs to shape!

Keeping it true to THRILLERS retro vibes, ‘Lipstick on the Mirror’, is one full with highly aggressive imagery of a dissipated love. The love lost is depicted through various close-ups of THRILLERS and two ballerinas performing separate emotional performances. Styled by Myrlaun Walker, Lipstick on the Mirror features clothing from LA based brands SAV NOIR and Menagerie.


lipstick on the mirror - 1

Preview EP Here:   https://soundcloud.com/wearethrillers/sets/cotton-candy-kisses-ep

Cotton Candy Kisses is available for purchase on iTunes and available to stream on Spotify & Soundcloud.

Tour dates are planned in support of Cotton Candy Kisses. THRILLERS’ next show will be September 14th at Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles, CA.

‘Cotton Candy Kisses’ (Track Listing)

  1. Desire
  2. Body High
  3. Sugar Love
  4. Can’t Get Enough
  5. Love Phantom
  6. Lipstick on the Mirror