SHAUNY_MARCEL_PAINTING_0234 as Smart Object-1

Kafei White‘s exclusive editorial from his series ‘MAN-akin‘, a collaborative series with local Melbourne, Australia artist Shauny Ben-Natan  and androgynous model Marcel Taranto. The series ‘MAN-akin’ is the creative collaboration love-child of painter Shauny Ben-Natan, and photographer Kafei White where the body of work came about from Shauny’s painted ‘Study of a Mannequin‘ series featured in Kafei White’s ‘Koko Mag‘ project. They took this painterly project’s fascination with concepts of femininity and masculinity further, with the inclusion of an androgynous model and a number of aesthetic styles. Colour, form and texture play a major role in highlighting this unique interplay between the worlds of gender stereotype and understanding. With a bold red backdrop, electric orange light-work, expressive brush strokes, protruding shapes represent the masculine. In contrast the feminine is represented through soft hues, exposed skin, delicate and subtly highlighted hair strands and a longing voyueristic gaze.

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Team credits: 
Model: Marcel Taranto
Backdrop and model paintings: Shauny Ben-Natan
SHAUNY_MARCEL_PAINTING_0335 as Smart Object-1 SHAUNY_MARCEL_PAINTING_0160 as Smart Object-1 SHAUNY_MARCEL_PAINTING_0326 as Smart Object-1 SHAUNY_MARCEL_PAINTING_0116 as Smart Object-1 SHAUNY_MARCEL_PAINTING_0104 as Smart Object-1