I wanted to create a sense of a story without handing over all of the elements at once. The moments I find the most particularly interesting are those which either precede or follow the climax of a story. The exhalation of my character was refreshing to conceptualize and even more so to shoot–returning home and thinking about what mysterious scuffle had just occurred. I have felt for a long time now that not only I but everyone around me has taken quite a beating over the past few years and we’ve lost a sense of place and worth. I always had an ability to laugh at the confusing nature of the world and all of the mistakes I had witnessed. Sometimes I feel that ability slipping away. I wanted to bring it back into my scope of understanding. I believed Gina ( model ) was the perfect person to help me with that. She is a kickass fearless woman full of ferocity and a thirst for life. I am very fond of what we have created together.

Styling: Rachel Gardner and Regina Fountain

Model: Regina Fountain

Photography/MUAH: Ashlynn Danielsen — WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

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