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Patrick Ames is an emerging fashion stylist in New York and as you can tell his style is on point!  A collaborative effort between photographer Oliver Mint and Ames lead to this spectacular editorial they submitted exclusively to Nakid. Entitled “Second Spring” the Fall/Winter story revolves around the Autumn months quickly approaching, foreshadowing the fact that Winter is quickly approaching. Through this editorial they sought to capture & portray how a young lady can relive her Spring fantasies this Autumn through the wearing of burnished colors and structural designs. While wearing the structured, yet airy designs of Eddie Ramos’ Fall/Winter 2015 Collection titled “Coppice“, Cat Carney of APM Models contemplates the warm colour palettes of Spring & the symbolism of wilting flowers as the lush, warmer months of the year draw to a close. Assisted by hair stylist Carlos Jacome and assistant stylist Sara Hartstone. 

See Oliver Mint’s work here:  WEBSITE 
See Patrick Ames’ work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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