Some people find the everyday routines we do uninteresting, mundane, and something that is undeserving of highlighting and noticing, not us, and not Patrick Kelly.  The photographer, based in Dallas, has been featured by us before, now his second exclusive with us his work is not only growing on but down right making us fall in love with his eye and aesthetic. Shot in all black and white film, Kelly focuses in on the unabashed moments we have with ourselves when alone, the tedious synchronized routines we all go through on a daily basis and the frustration and commitment it takes to do them day in and day out in the name of being proper, hygienic, and beautiful to the world. Model Alex Curington lets Kelly follow her about the house as she moves through the motions of everyday life.  If anyone can make putting makeup on, crashing in bed, and shaving look hot, its this guy! Enjoy!

See more of Patrick Kelly’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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