Natalie Falero is a photographer and writer currently based in Downtown, San Francisco. She was born 25 years ago in San Juan, Puerto Rico and a graduate from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a MFA Photography candidate at the San Francisco Art Institute. A self described Caffeine addict, and mother to a pug named Pixel, she is a constant daydreamer exploring the ‘what if”s‘ and possibilities of life and artistic endeavor through her lens. In her first exclusive editorial for Nakid entitled “Unspoken Fixation” she explores the asphyxiation provoked by the sense of self-absorption indulged by obsessive behavior. How some people live and deal with the sensation of being trapped in a constant grind, and the desire of being present in the same stage. You could say it is an unsatisfied satisfaction, a state of paralysis. The editorial moves to capture the worn out beauty of emotional self-destruction. Unused. Left behind by oneself without any reason. A feeling of holding on to nothing; to memorize empty memories. It is the pursuit of something that was never found but also never lost, simply out of place, and never belonged.

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Model:  Agatha Louisette

Fashion Designer:  Héctor Omar 

Dress from Loreley’s Collection ss14


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