Recently we came across photographer Marie Tomanova‘s work and fell absolutely in love – today we have an exclusive editorial to share with you from the young artist and a collaboration at that.  She teamed up with friend and New York artist Elizabeth Hatke to shoot their genius and youth female empowered editorial titled “Girl Power” on the rooftops of Brooklyn, NY.  Artist/model Elizabeth Hatke takes posing and using her body to further push boundaries of the ‘norm’ and open our eyes to what can be.  In a brief statement the artist proclaims:
“My work creates a psychological experience through transformation of material and content, detaching from corporeal and emotional familiarity and entering a surreal realm.  This conversion drives a curiosity about normalcies and realities..”
Marie Tomanova resists the norm also, her work is a splash of contemporary and youth rebellion from what we are told we must do, must look like, must act like, into what we feel we are, could be, can express, and should open our eyes to.  She explores feminism and women’s freedom as well as self discovery and capturing subtle moments that express specific thoughts and physical glimpses into her world.
“It connects me to you in a way that may be less important than how it connects you to yourself.  Or for me in a way that conencts me to myself.  Almost geologically, almost as an archaeology of what and how I am, each is a landscape for you of me in which you can find what you are or what you are not.”
See more of Marie Tomanova’s work here:  WEBSITE / ISNTAGRAM
See more of Elizabeth Hatke’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM
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