Well it was indeed a big fuck yeah in terms of all the accommodations and the map this year.  FYF did a great job at listening to everyone’s response from last year and made all the proper changes.  On top of that, they brought a fucking amazing lineup, and despite the fact that Frank Ocean dropped out (I had a feeling that either him or Morrissey would).  It was a good change bringing in Kanye.  I have seen him three times now and this time was definitely the best!  No rants, plus Travis Scott plus Queen Bee!  Yeah it was fucking amazing.  Morrissey was himself and preformed so that was rad.  But I wanna point out and give credit to Savages!  They were killer and played like true rock stars!   If you missed that set you truly missed out.

All in all the festival was amazing even though I missed a few things myself, and I will be sure to adjust on my side next year as FYF did this year so that doesn’t happen again.  Fuck Yeah Fest put on a great festival but something was missing. The vibe.  No fault to the people at FYF  but the crowd needs to learn to have a bit more fun and stop being so LA. Trust me guys your not that fucking cool, so get over yourself.   Do more drugs, drink more booze and let go of the hype.  Of all the festivals I’ve been to this one had the least vibe crowd wise.  I mean yeah, for a good amount of the performances people were going nuts, but overall people wanted to be seen.  Boo on you attendees!

We love you all none the less, but hey, maybe next year we can all get together and fucking rage Mr. Cheesel!  I would indeed like that.

For now I’d like to give a big fuck yeah to Fuck Yeah Fest for coming in with a great lineup and festival over all and I am looking forward to next year being even better!


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