If Barbie would ever be courageous enough to come up with a Colombian, pink haired, neon lights and spiked milkshake loving Barbie doll, I’m almost certain it would look just like Kali Uchis. We remember the fist time we caught a glimpse of this Colombian babe, it was at SXSW where she performed at the Mohawk and her acappella rendition of  Selina’s ‘Si Una Vez’ left us speechless. Since then the artist has been very active, from working with Tyler the Creator and Snoop Dog to gathering recognition over seas as the ‘West Coast Amy Winehouse’ says NME.  The vintage artist is becoming something of a poster child for all the Cali-stoner girls with an attitude that stands alone amongst the others, prideful of her 60’s all american diner and classic cars roots, mixed with a little 90’s feather and neon light memorabilia and a personal sense of self sensual discovery.

Check out Kali Uchis dancing on her own in front of an old colorful Jukebox in her music video for “Loner” via ‘Dazed and Confused