At the Playground1

Jared Ricardo is a junior at The Ohio State University and was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, but he has aspirations of something bigger.  The young photographer plans to extensively travel after he earns his degrees and besides shooting all the time he fills his time with reading the words of poets and short fiction. He is double majoring in business finance as well as creative writing so maybe we will see a future business, zine, book, or something along those lines spur from the young creative, but until then we must relish in his current work, which is contemporary and brilliant!  The editorial spread entitled “At The Playground” is a play on the comfortable spaces we surround ourselves in having alternate, more sinister moments hidden in them if we only look closely.
“I have always seen children’s playgrounds as spaces that are safe and comfortable. That being said, I believe that the spaces that make us feel the most comfortable are also the easiest to be exploited as something more sinister and disconcerting. In ‘At the Playground’ I chose to create images that offer something completely different from safe or natural, something otherworldly and possibly dangerous or uncanny.”
-Jared Ricardo
See more of Jared Ricardo’s work here:  INSTAGRAM
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