Cant Breathe


Michael Reeder is a native of Dallas, Texas currently living and working in Oak Cliff. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York with a focus in painting. Michael’s current artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally with shows in New York, Montreal, Los Angeles and an upcoming solo exhibition at Svper Ordinary Gallery in Denver, Colorado. His work has been featured in numerous publications as well, including the upcoming issue #120 of New American Paintings. In addition to his fine art, Michael also works as a painter at Eyecon Studios, a renowned custom mural and design company based in Dallas. His work is simplistic yet pronounced and resembles vector illustration work, you might even mistake it for digital illustrations if you don’t look closely enough at his amazingly steady brush strokes.  Mixed with patterns and geometrically perfectly placed line work, Reeder has developed a style of painting that has become synonymous with modern art today and unmistakably all his own.

When asked about his work he had this to say:

“Centered on portraiture, my current body of work seeks to make a direct connection with the audience. This connection encourages viewers to bring their own perceptions, imagination, and vision to light alongside mine. I avoid narrowing my conceptual focus in order to allow content to be found and seen for the first time. Although I am technically orchestrating the process, I do my best to remain removed just enough to let the work veer off-course and locate its own destiny. Throughout my work, realism is mixed with flat graphic space, and themes or motifs of identity, ambiguity, and ego are loosely implied. The convergence of infinite space and the figure highlights the realm of contemplation located between the conscious and the subconscious mind.”

Michael Reeder

See more of Michael Reeder’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

ArtCon mural copyElevated Man copy Ritual Of The Sun small Foundation Of Everything copy Fragile Veil of Identity copy