Laurie Lou is a  French photographer specializing in editorial work, and clearly has a knack for it if this first exclusive editorial she sent us is any clue to her amazing eye and high-fashion aestehtic. Shot in New York City with models Veronika, Ali and Dieynaba they marched around town getting their grub on, and doing it quite fashionably we might add. Thanks to hair stylist Aki Yamaguchi, MUA Camille Diévart, stylist Jonzu Jones, they created the perfect sexy junk food buffet of utter beauty and down right badass chic moments.  We for one are envious we aren’t in the middle of all this hotness and food!

In all seriousness though, Laurie Lou presents the editorial as denouncing the pleasure we crave in having to eat JUNK FOOD. In today’s society we’re surrounded by it, consumed by the ads, and even our population is growing larger from it, there is no escaping the altered pleasure we feel from eating, but maybe we can alter how and what we eat!


Veronika @ Red Model Management NYC
Ali @ Major Model Management NYC
Dieynaba @ Adam Agency NYC

Beauty Team (same name on insta): 

Hair : Aki Yamaguchi
Mua : Camille Diévart
Style : Jonzu Jones
Post Prod : Damien Boshi

See more of Laurie-lou’s work here:  WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

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