Christo Viola is an Italian photographer living in London who’s work may not seem cohesive and erotic as hell, but let us assure you it is very erotic on purpose and perfectly together, not only that, it’s in your face, vulgar, artistic and exactly what we love to show our readers at Nakid! Viola started to make art at a very young age, tailoring her barbie ‘s clothes and drawing from experiences when she’d sneak in the fitting room her mum at the lingerie shop. She’s been traveling around the world collecting daily life stories of people and continues to draw and write about them. As soon as she is finished with the Fine academy of Art in Italy she plans to start to use her film reflex and digital camera’s to document her life further, encompassing all her travels, people she meets, and moments she experiences. Currently she is in a collaboration with Lemonade gallery in London Direct by Dan Eastmond and sells her work on saatchi gallery and TWO24L in amsterdam. In the past she has collaborated with Diesel reboot project getting an exhibition with them in NYC and PARIS!


When we asked her about the story behind her editorial submission this is what she had to say:


“I had so much love and warmth to offer, these human structures, so much that I fall in love repeatedly and without remorse. The very first one was my mom, but she had so much heat for me and I always left with tears in his eyes and the heart cold. So much snow fell in place for years and years in which I lived and felt the cold, but it was always someone who had a blanket big enough to warm the body and always in heat for me. Tired of the same odors determined with meat from fragile to begin a love affair from time to time. Came back unknown, increasingly in homes destroyed.”

-Christo Viola

Art direction and concept:  Christo Viola
Model:  Alessandra de Vito and Elena
Hair and make up:  ALEXDV

See more of Cristo Viola’s work here:  WEBSITE

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