Float Fest isn’t simply the same as any other typical fest, adding the element of floating the river really elevates the experience. Everything you love about the summer is right here:

-Tubing and jamming down the river with a well earned careless sensation

-Sun rays reflecting off your skin finally getting that golden tan you’ve been wanting to get.

-Cool water currents keep you chill and feeling alive while floating the waters with a beer in one hand, glowing sticks in the other

-Robert Delong  and his electro-pop tunes really topping everything off

It’s a particular feeling that can only be accomplished in this college town, that for the longest time had to travel to Austin for any major events. This year insanely long lines awaited the entrance of the fest as the gates opened, thousands of yungsters gathered up patiently for acts like Local Natives, Phantogram and Ghostland Observatory. So its clear that the organizers found the right market for their fest and most definitely the right location!

Photos by Sara Marjorie

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