The work of Asher Moss is a reincarnation of classic beauty entwined with a monstrous level of admiration for the naked body. You might know him from his collaborations with partner Melodi Meadows. His first printed art book, Miss Lonely – Volume One is an archive of nude women across America and marks the start of an encyclopedic collection of the artist’s perspective on female beauty and landscape if more volumes are to come. The juxtaposition of female beauty and landscape almost recalls Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles, which fuels some interpretation regarding the book’s title. But anything per the author you’ll have to read in his foreword. Moss has also dedicated a portion of each sale towards the fight against human trafficking.

“It’s like a dirty magazine from the sixties, except huge and 246 pages of pure unadulterated class. Put down your phone and pick up this god damn beast of a book.”

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Written by Katrina Wong