Warwick Gow, a 22 year old journalism and design student based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD in Australia teamed up with stylist Danica Renee & model Charlotte Wighton to bring us this exclusive editorial from down under! Gow has been shooting fashion series for the last couple of years with the intent on taking the shoots away from the clothes, styling and location to make it a more personal idea focused on the model. The premise for this shoot was to go somewhere that was about to be destroyed and see how our ideas of youth and beauty interact with that decay. Charlotte and Gow roamed sites for a few hours chatting, exploring and playing with the landscape which resulted in this series. Entitled ‘Throwaway‘, as it was shot in and around a building about to be needlessly demolished, they loved the idea that this could possibly be the first but definitely the last shoot their ever!

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Clothes by The Other Side

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