alex vargas

There is an certain ease about Alex Vargas’ music. His work is a perfect conjunction between professionalism and passion. It’s almost not fair to call the London based singer just a talented artist, but instead, a gifted human being. See, talent is the essential tool for many musicians and vocalist to succeed in such a cut throat environment. It can be analyzed, criticized, and sometimes misjudged. A gift is a form of communication that translates a raw message mind to mind, heart to heart, and there is simply not a wrong way of portraying it. It just is, and it just does. Alex Vargas’ gift is the perfect medium between hard work, experimentation and that self sustained eagerness to do what it is you think you were put on this earth to do. The Danish artist has already captured the hearts of music lovers all through European nations with his shivering, raspy voice, as well as many London locals who got the chance to catch his secret shows around the city.

Vargas sound experimentation goes from a whole-souled folk-rock to a bass and synth filled R&B style. Both equally showcasing an unfeigned story telling, and both complementing the agonizing vocal fashion he is becoming known for.His most recent installation “Give Up the Ghost” is a open approach to the english pop charts. A sound that resembles a modern Daniel Merriweather with a Rudimental-like production but with a certain maturity and unplanned sex appeal.

Vargas was featured in five tracks from Above and Beyond’s album “We are all we need”, and most recently collaborated with Believe in Giants on the uplifting track “Am I Wrong”. Yet I think most of the work you will find Alex involved in, will be the covers all over his youtube and soundcloud. The guy has a collection of melody altering covers from Usher to John Legend. A handful of respectful and clean recreations of already beautiful tracks, but with his own personal vision. Listen yourself and make sure you keep eye on this star on the making.