Exhibiting currently at the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Gorlizki has created a fascinating and niche style of art. Originally from London and now living in New York, his fascination began with miniature paintings in India decades ago. To create incredibly detailed works of art on spacious planes, Gorlizki uses a microscopic brush to illustrate each minim detail. His work is characterized by intricate geometric patterns, juxtaposition, and surrealistic elements. Both Eastern and Western figures interact within flat landscapes, contrasted by layered photographs and magazine pages. Previously exhibited internationally most extensively in Europe and the United States, Gorlizki uses entire gallery spaces as his canvases, transforming rooms into ornamental and textile patterns. His kaleidoscopic work seen in Variable Dimensions ranges from painting and sculpture to installation, video, wallpaper, carpet, and textiles.  His current exhibit runs at the always-free Crow Collection of Asian Art from September until March 20, 2016.

OB-OD751_artass_H_20110602171216 Gorlizki  Gorlizki_4701_Born_to_2__Fruition__2010__Pigment_and_gold__on_paper__32_5_x_27_5_cm 4696_web_project imageGorlizki_4780_We_are_union_2011_PIgment_on_Photograph_27_x_35_cm_kl_83f81cc7b6 Alexander_Gorlizki1

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