brilliant line illustration, sex, violence, these are just a few of the things that describe artist and illustrator Takato Yamamoto’s work. Yamamoto’s lush and precise linework and compositions depicting young asian women in serene moments surrounded by darker narratives are so amazing they draw you in and capture your imagination. Scenes of bondage and violence are fluent within the works, and slowly melt into the overall theme of the work. Yet, Yamamoto is careful to never depict any acts of violence – it is either impending or just completed. Yamamoto invented this style called “Heisei Estheticism,” meant for fantasy, sensual and period novels that explore similar themes of darkness, metamorphosis, love and death. These are some of our favorites from him, enjoy!

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JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto000 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto001 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto002 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto003 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto004 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto005 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto015 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto014 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto013 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto021 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto024 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto026 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto019 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto020 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto011 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto012 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto022 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto010 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto007 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto008 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto017 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto009 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto016 JuxtapozTakatoYamamoto018

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