Miron Zownir has been a citizen of the United States since 1980 when he emigrated here, and he lived for the next fifteen years – first was in New York, then in Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh. New York in the eighties was arguably the world’s most fascinating and permissive metropolis in not only the US but the world, and Zownir’s odd approach to documenting it all was quickly recognized by the local scene as the TEUTONIC PHENOMENOGRAPHER (Village Voice). Shot in all moody black and white expressionistic shots, Zownir’s photos penetrate a nostalgic want and and need to live and relive those days in our memories or imagination.

His lens caught the untamed lust at the gay-parties before Aids massively claimed large numbers of its population; protests of artists, performers, and the idealistic; the hopelessness on the Bowery; the shadowy world of hookers and junkies alike. Zownir’s photographs of the “Sex Piers” have become legendary documents in their own right. When it comes down to it, Zownir’s artistic intention and expression is magic, he would rather point to a quote from Kafka’s “The Castle” then being compared to other photographers: “If one has the strength to look at the things incessantly, more or less without ever closing the eyes, one sees much. But if one lessens the effort only once and closes the eyes, it all immediately vanishes into darkness.

“NYC RIP” is 216 pages with 156 duotone plates, 24 x 30 cm and comes with hot foil embossed half cloth-bound hardcover. Pick up a copy here

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