Have you ever wanted to run a maze or just get lost in one with your significant other and make out? Well, Belgian studio Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, a collaborative team of Belgian architects and artists, have designed and constructed a massive labyrinth in the central square of a former coal mine in Genk, Belgium – that’s one way to say fuck you to one of the biggest energy pollutants on the planet! The sculpture uses 186 tons of steel, oh yes this beasts isn’t made of bushes, it’s made of metal and consists of almost a kilometer of maze corridors with walls as high as 5 meters. “A series of Boolean transformations create spaces and perspectives that reinterpret the traditional Labyrinth is a sculptural installation that focuses on the experience of space,” said the studio. “These Boolean transformations convert the walk through the labyrinth into a sequence of spatial and sculptural experiences,” said Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. “At the same time, the cutouts function as ‘frames’ to the labyrinth. Seen from some certain perspectives, the cut-outs are fragmentary, whereas from other viewpoints the entire cut-out shape is unveiled.

JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber15 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber13 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber12 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber14 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber17 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber10 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber09 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber06 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber04 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber01 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber02 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber05 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber08 JuxtapozGijsVanVaerenber07

(via dezeen)