Camille Rouzaud is a French photographer who travels between France, the U.S. and Puerto Rico all year round working on photographic projects concerning various themes. She shoots in mostly all 35mm film and lives for the thrills of travel and adventure. Her fascination is all around juvenile freedom, nomadic civilizations and places from memories and dreams of her childhood – she also loves architecture and details of cultures and looking for large spaces. Her interest goes from the strength of free bodies to the wrath of certain environments, through simple natural power. Last month she traveled to Puerto Rico and gave us a look inside her world and shot this documentary travel series for us! Hope you enjoy!

“Puerta de Tierra neighborhood, Puerto Rico (US colony). The passage of the colonial city of Old San Juan to new quarters, between the ocean and the bay.  A spine made of public housing, drugs point / crack houses and old colonial building that will be, eventually, stranded by luxury tourist hotels on the other side of the groove.

In the middle of the chaos, on the bus line poorly designed by the municipality, La Brigada PDT – kids from the neighborhood and the artist Jesus “Bubu” Negron – recovered a piece of territory to develop their creativity and not let the dealers take the field.

They have already made 3 art walls: one to communicate that many different people live here and need security and infrastructure; two to honor the famous salseros from the edge: Raphy Leavitt and Sammy Marrero.

Assisted by Silvano and residents, without one more colonialist conquest, a place made by kids from the corner for the locals.”

Camille Rouzaud

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