This year marks the first ever Dirtybird Campout festival, October 2-4th, hosted by founder/DJ Claude Vonstroke and company. Possibly one of the coolest and most creative new festivals out there right now, and probably because it’s being hosted by one of the coolest, most laid back record labels out there, not to mention it is creating one of the best festival atmosphere’s and chill experiences we can find musically right now. Dirtybird hopes to bring its fans and music lovers together for a weekend of just straight up fun and good ole fashion camping, you know like when we were kids being pawned off to Summer camps so our parents had peace and quiet for a few weeks of the year! If you haven’t seen the promo video for it yet, take a peep below, it’s really funny and shows you just how relaxed and fun the entire atmosphere surrounding this festival is. It reminds us of some of the HARD Fest antics they produce in their promo videos running up to HARD SUMMER, and HARD DAY OF THE DEAD in Los Angeles – but, unlike most of the electronic music festivals now a days that are over saturated with corporate sponsorship and endless hype and over production, Dirtybird Campout isn’t.  This festival is much more than just music too, they have a huge variety of activities for festival goers such as a slip-n-slide, archery, row boats, water balloons, Tug-O-War, Horseshoes, Kickball, face & body painting, volleyball, yoga, nature encounters, screen-printing, mini golf, and a shit load more stuff – they sought out to replicate our favorite parts of Summer camp and it looks as if they are gonna succeed with flying colors! Take a look at the activities lineup below (larger image and list found here) and see what all there is to get into there. If all of that wasn’t enough to get your mouth watering then just think about all the fucking amazing Dirtybird BBQ that will be there too, because if you have ever been to one of their infamous BBQ parties then you know you are probably walking out of this festival having gained a few pounds and an insatiable taste for BBQ and brisket now until forever.

Taking place in Silverado, CA near Irvine Lake just west over the mountains of Orange County and near Santiago Canyon, the festival begins this Friday at 12pm and continues until Monday at 10am. It will feature everyone you love from the Dirtybird label and more including but not limited to Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, Kill Frenzy, Worthy, J. Phlip, Ardalan, Breach, Christian Martin, Lunice, Laura Jones, Lee Foss, Justin Jay, and so many more! The event is 21+ and be sure to check out the set times below so you get there on time and don’t miss anything!

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LOCATION:   5305 Santiago Canyon Road, Silverado, CA 92676

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