They are Lola Rose (Blonde) and Rebecca Zephyr Thomas (Brunette), two sisters who are creatively taking on the English countryside and making a name for themselves. On a trip to the Gloucestershire country side they decided it’d be fun to run through the wheat fields in their underwear. Their butts got stung by stinging nettles and they had to hide in the corn crops so passing trucks wouldn’t see them. They were there to baby sit a Lord Of The Rings obsessed child, feed the horses, smoke weed and read books. They had recently re-watched the Twin Peaks series and had Flesh World on their minds. Rebecca has been taking pictures of Lola her entire life and when she was six she photographed her holding a cigarette in her mouth, something that deeply upset their mother for obvious reasons. At 8 years old Rebecca got Lola posing in a hot pink bikini and knee high black boots, causing more worry for their parents. One of their strongest memories is Rebecca bossing Lola around telling one another not to smile while they struggle to suppress nervous giggles. Another is her coming at Lola with the mascara wand, a terrifying tool used to poke girls eyes out – but now they’re both grown women, and Rebecca is still terrorizing her sister with the camera and make-up, but now Lola gets to do it back!

In the last days of summer the pheasants and quails enjoyed the sunshine, unaware the hunters were preparing their guns, they’d be dinner soon.  They returned to the grey skies of London, red brick horizons and our council estate flat.

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