Albumens for Nakid-2
Teresa Flowers is a photographer, but so so much more than that. Her work has the ability to become surreal right in front of your eyes. She is an internationally recognized photographer based in Los Angeles, California and her artwork has been published in Shots Fine Art Photography Magazine, Photo District News, and Black and White Magazine. She was presented the prestigious Fine Art Photographer of the Year award at The International Photo Awards and her paintings and photographs have been shown all over the world many times over.  It’s really not hard to see why once you look at them too – she creates mysteries wrapped in enigmas of creation, color and emotion. She is not self obsessed like many artists either, she gives back and donates her work to the Focus On AIDS photography auction to raise funds for AIDS research, care and education. Her work is usually of women in very supernatural situations or poses, creating symmetry and a connection between the subject and nature. It is then all tied together with her painting and mystical vision she has of other worlds and alternate states of mind.

See more of Teresa Flowers work here:  WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAMSLEEP PICTURES

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