This week on DUOS! we go to South America and find ourselves admiring a photographer and model who impress us with not only their work but their adversity. An art photographer based is the capital of Brazil, Bruna Reis is surrounded by exotic beauty, not just the scenery and landscape but some of the most beautiful women in the world, probably makes her job pretty easy you’d think right? Well, Reis actually entered the world of photography as an outlet, not just a creative outlet like you might think but to help her deal with his diagnosed deep depression and to help her find herself as a visual filmmaker. It’s one thing to live with depression but to fight it with creativity is not just something you have to admire but something you gotta respect, we can barely get up at dawn without coffee and be creative let alone doing it while you are fighting internal demons – but Bruna Reis has done just that! In her first feature for Nakid he ventured out into the wilderness with model Gabriela Franze and decided to put a touch of Fall in his set with fur and the dull desaturated landscape around them. The editorial entitled ‘The Coldest Sunset’ is a vision of being lonesome and feeling empty: beautiful but sad. Enjoy!

See more of Burna Reis’ work here:  FLICKR / INSTAGRAM

See more of Gabriela Franze’s work here:  INSTAGRAM


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