Photo By:  Karlo X Ramos

Now days if Erykah Badu is not trolling local news reporters or hanging out at Fashion Week, you can either find the Dallas legend lynching bicycles on film for political stands with the “By Way of Dallas” gang, or at the studio remixing the hottest song in Radio Play right now.

Her “Hotling Bling” Remix hit soundcloud yesterday as a side project to promote her upcoming mixtape “BUT U CAINT USE MY PHONE”. On the description, Badu mentions that she has been working closely with her son Seven Benjamin on this mixtape, so we are happy to see the young prodigy on the come up.

The track falls in between a remix and a cover. With soulful breaks and between and a pretty funny voicemail recording sample, where Erykah lets you know she ain’t really about your phone calls. So send her a text, cause she ain’t talking to you. Although Badu and Drake have not work together just yet,  Drake has previously brag about a chill hang out they had in previous tracks. So for now this song will do us justice till that musical gap is filled.

Previous to this version, the Spanish version by Fuego was actually my go to. Something about that Puerto Rican flare just fit the song so well. It almost made me realize that there is Hispanic Drake somewhere there bout to take over the market, if Drake doesn’t hurry up and learn some Spanish.