Disclosure is not the only one releasing edgy house tracks now days. ZHU has set a triumphant return after his Grammy Nomination for “Faded”. And if he seemed quiet there for a minute it was most likely because he was tuning up some sexy Saxophone melodies.

Tesstarossa Music” could potentially be the most captivating track we have heard in a long time. From the beginning, a beautiful wavy guitar solo welcomes you into a trance of some kind of comforting confusion. It is nothing you expected in a ZHU track, but it makes you feel some kind of way, so you go with it. Then the catchy funky beat kicks in and every bone in your body starts grooving. Later on Gallant comes into the track with some extravagant falsettos and some very cynical words. You just know everything about this song screams Sex on Drugs and we absolutely could not be happier that this track exists.

Getting ready to release the full project “Genesis Series” very soon, this is the second sneak peak we’ve gotten at the goods the producer has been working on. The first being a collab with Aluna George.

After meeting the lovely Aluna George at Hard Fest last year, the two joined forces for an experimental track called “Automatic“. The song is a gentle battle of soft vocals between the two, over a simple house beat. Towards the end ZHU slows down the beat for a dramatic conclusion with a sexy Blues like guitar and saxophone riff.