What does the word “style” mean? It denotes something that is a unique and personal way that everybody has in doing things and present them, that has its own particular characteristics that differ from the ones of everybody else. And what is “stylish”? It refers to something that expresses a feeling of attraction and admiration, difficult to explain with words, but rather in sensations that arise from viewing/listening what produced it. From a first sight of Peter Aurisch works you can have an idea of how his style can be stylish at the same time, avoiding the heaviness of this academically wrong repetition.

Based in downtown Berlin, a city where proudly showing off arms full of old schools is the order of the day, this German tattoo artist produces incredible pieces that could have shut Sailor Jerry‘s mouth. Nevada Johnny is the name of Aurisch’s studio, a space he shares with Jessica Mach, whose tattoos are inspired by a colorful, cheerful and hopeful nature that you should definitely check out. Peter, that is also a printmaker and painter, uses to welcome his clients by planning a brand new and original piece based on everyone’s particular stories and details that act as sources of inspiration. Then he proceedes scheduling one single appointment per day and draw tattoos freehand without sketches on the client’s skin.

And what can we say about Peter Aurisch’s personal style? In the space of three years, both in his drawings and tattoos, from taking inspiration from artists like Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, he passed through a constant evolution, that leaded him to much bolder lines and more geometric figures, that strongly remind the cubist feature of Pablo Picasso and the era of futurism. Colors, from being dark and opaque, gradually become shinier, more brilliant and an essential tool to complete his drawings. Peter Aurisch is the bright proof that worlds of tattoos and art merge unavoidably on a canvas that is made of skin; the “stylish” accent resides in the feeling of the perfect beauty that arise from looking at his pieces, the “I want one too” thought that immediately flashes in your head.

Impulse to press the button “contact” and book an appointment, now? You would definitely not be disappointed.


Article by Marina Lepori

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