Sally Ann & Emily May Gunawan, a sister photographer duo based in Jakarta and Melbourne, we’re inspired to submit this exclusive editorial story for Nakid entitled “Pixel Perfect“. It’s about how the digital world (and also, real world) shapes the image of women currently – something we here at Nakid try to battle against and reinforce that every women is beautiful, and not only that but THE MOST beautiful thing ever created on this planet! Being a female photographer duo, They’re pretty aware on how women are frequently shown, how they should look, behave and even how they look at themselves. They want these images to inspire how women see and present their own selves. To be able to present an honest, transparent, and wholly confident femininity – both online and offline.

Sally Ann and Emily May Gunawan, were Sydney born and Jakarta raised. They both have thrived on the beauty of photography since their teenage years, focusing on fashion, beauty, and commercial works. Their photography aesthetic is distinctive with vibrancy and quirkiness, combined with the personal emotions that are spoken through the photographs, louder than words.

Sally Ann continues to pursue her passion with a fine art major under her belt. Who doesn’t adore the idea of transforming the ordinary into something remarkable? For she believes that everything can be made beautiful just by a pair of tasteful eyes and a bit of chemistry.

Emily May Gunawan has a big passion towards colors, graphics, movies, music, and everything artsy since her childhood. But among all of them, she finds that photography is what delivers her unspoken words. “I don’t want to photograph people who just want to be pretty. Show me your brutally honest emotions then I’m in love.”

You can see more of Emily May and Sally Ann Ginawan’s work here:  WEBSITE / SALLY’S INSTAGRAM / EMILY’S INSTAGRAM

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