aeon fuxIf I could tell you that somewhere in the inter-web there is an artist who with a only a 1986 Suzuki Omnichord, an odd obsession with bugs and a incurable habit of frequenting Tumblr’s darkest corners. Aeon Fux managed to create a persona that I would dare to call the non-theoretical Kween Bee. I mean she has written entire songs about bugs, some with overly descriptive metaphors about how a  Tarantula Hawk Wasp can take control over the bodies of other insects with a single pinch. Other with beats produced with the initial idea of sampling the sound of beetle wings. So shew kinf of earns the rights to the term.

Her musical philosophy, a seductive trapping melody style that is tinged by the leftover soulful industrial style of artist like Sade and  Poly Styrene. Her writing style has a certain attitude that aims to kill but with a compliant and calming sensation . She will expose your deepest fears, call out your most pretentious accomplishments and stump on them with a 45 second diss track.  She is just bad like that.

There is no doubt Aeon Fux is only at initial stages of her career, she starting to play live shows in her hometown and surrounding areas. Picking up new fans / pray with every performance, with every outfit and every deep  stare. Like a young Kween Bee who recently discovered her hypnotizing capabilities. Being a new artist, a true new artist with minimal influence from outside mainstream sources, her sound experimentation is absurdly naturalistic. At a simple glare of her music, you can pick up a soulful playfulness similar to the early St. Vincent but maybe if Anne Clark had an afropunk background.

Aeon Fux

  Artwork by K00PS

Her most recent ensemble its a satiric Motown-like installation of two compulsive tracks where she first begs lost lover for a phone call in the track ‘Call Me‘. “I like what you do I thought you liked me too” and “Open my contact page and just call” are two of the many one liners she mentions in the song. Then in the track ‘Don’t You Dare Fucking Call Me You Fucking Fuck’ in a very similar tone, with uplifting clapping and captivating harmonies she suddenly chances her mind. And in a salty move she says “I thought I had a crush, I guess that was a bust now I really must decline. Im screaming a the dial and I think you are rather vile and Ill fuck if I hear you on the other line so don’t call me

So yeah, Im in. Sing me up to the her bee squad, cause Im definitely following this one for a while.


aeon fux sofia show
GIF Art Work by @lofisofi / @sofiinseattle