Diego Villarreal is a young photographer from Madrid who currently resides in New York. When he was 13 his mother bought him a Canon EOS 30D camera. To thank her, he helped pay for the camera by using it to take photos of girls in his town in Spain. Though we’re not privy to those pictures, we can assume that his photographs have matured with the years considering their effect. They feel breathless – making you gasp as they appear to you like a whisper in your ear – especially in his shoot with Allie Barrett (shown above). They’re “sensitive but somehow sexy and ageless.”

Of stylist Lisa Jarvis and their collaborations, Villarreal said, “She understands me and knows how to make me happy. She always has 3000 gloves and latex shits and fabrics and all types of things that always take shoots to another place.” There’s no denying they make a good team when their combined efforts produce such exquisite fruit. Though Diego bears in mind it’s a “step by step” process to really getting somewhere, these photos indicate a resounding ease with the camera that marks a damn good start.

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Written by Katrina Wong

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