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Today we’re bringing you an exclusive release from Saturn City’s upcoming EP. The sound? Future Pop. The vibes? Jamming. When I saw Saturn City play at The Satellite, I was blown away by just how catchy every single song was. I had their songs stuck in my head for DAYS after the show. Peep the new song below, and keep and eye out for the full EP and music video coming out very soon! Enjoy!


How did Saturn City get started?

Saturn City was born when Jarvis Anderson and JP Caballero met at a Pho place in Silverlake, CA, and started writing together. Rachael PhelpsΒ  joined as a lead singer alongside Jarvis soon after. We’ve got Stephen Edelstein on drums, Tony Schmitz on keys, Jim Czech on guitar, and JP on bass. We’re in the process of putting together our first EP and playing locally around Los Angeles.

Jarvis’ manager for songwriting and production, Andrew Brightman, hopped on board to manage us a few months ago.

Los Angeles is an amazing place to grow new musical shapes and forms. The environment is very accepting and inspiring, so ideas flow easily.

What’s your musical background?

Jarvis: My parents put me in piano lessons as a kid, that’s where I learned the basics. I was mostly schooled by listening to tons of music growing up.

JP: No formal music school, some community college classes and a lot of bands. I was in Dios, and am currently in White Arrows and Saturn City.

Rachael: I played the flute for 5 years as a kid? Hehe

You often play at The Satellite, where else do you play?

We’ve also played at the Bootleg, Silverlake Lounge, and all of the All Scene Eyes venues. LA is a great scene, with a lot of places to play if you’re hungry. We plan to do a west coast tour in the future once we release our EP.


Describe your upcoming EP – what inspired it?

Life (I think). Relationships, overcoming adversity in general. We tried to capture what we’ve experienced first hand.

How would you describe your sound?

Future Pop. Hooks, sounds, and textures that grab you, and big ideas condensed into small spaces.

What’s the future for Saturn City?

To travel, makes loads of music, and to inspire!


Featuring photos by Kari Rowe, Ramon Felix, and Ryan Dean Posey.

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