Joel Obando is a San Jose, Costa Rica based artist and photographer who just recently teamed up with model Rosa Parraga for this exclusive editorial for Nakid.  In his wok, Obando tries to capture the essence of the person he is shooting, their depth, their emotion and inner soul.  He specializes in artistic erotica photography and has found that clothing is the last border between you and society, which is what makes his work so strong and emboldened. Recently he has released the fanzine named SUMUS LUX, which combines his work and interviews and he is currently working in Vol. 2 as we speak! In the last month he has accepted invitations to participate in 3 expositions and in his first shoot for Nakid he and Rosa Parraga wanted to bring something sensual and simplistic to match our style and we love it!

See more of Joel Obando’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

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