Standing in the middle of the venue carrying a giant backpack with equipment and wearing a semi-big hat, every minute turned to an hour while I waited for The Internet to come on stage at their show in Dallas last night. Feet were going numb, and my mind was about to take an impulsive turn and say fuck it one song, I’ll get the shots I want and I’m out. Being a sold out show, there wasn’t any leverage for any attendees or press to move around. But when the band came out, their sound must have magical therapeutic vibes, because the pain of standing for hours went right out the door.
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Watching Syd live is an experience like no other soul show around. Given her Odd Future backgrounds, she has mastered the art of acting a fool. A fool by choice, not so much by social acceptance. She takes things light, throws a few jokes in between songs and a few other cheese pickup lines between other breaks. But her flirtatious vibes are not dedicated towards an individual but towards the city as a whole. She embraces the city and made sure Dallas new the appreciation was reciprocated. Yet, I still make no sense of how such a young group would be able to do justice to the Neo-Soul legacy, when they were not even born when the movement was at it’s peak?  But one thing we all learned in the pass is that we are the ones at lost for underestimating the youth, especially the yungins from Odd Future. So I’m not taking a risk.

Having such contemporary style, you would think The Internet’s market would not relate to the younger masses who expect something more Radio-ready like Miguel or The Weekend. But while staying true to their Neo-Soul influences, the California group managed to appeal to mature audiences who might still ache for the good ol’ 90’s where Neo Soul ruled every major festival and underground stages. Yet, the new generations also picked up on the sound, maybe not even knowing anything about the history but only knowing that it felt good.

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By the time The Internet went into releasing their first singles, the world already had Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler The Creator. So many thought, do we really need another Odd Future solo project? Although The Internet’s sound has been consistent since day one, their music has been roaming in the darker corners of the web, reaching only those who were really craving that sensual music therapy. But having a sold out show, where you have your audience already anticipating the next three song knowing them by name and full lyrics. Is further proof that one does not need a major marketing campaign, or crazy collabs with big rappers to create your own cult of fans all over the world.  The Internet has quite the committed following, and we all saw it at the show last night, curated by Scoremore shows.


Images by Adrian Samano


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