The Nakid Magazine team took to the high-seas and left The City by the Bay behind for a weekend of debauchery with good friends. Our destination… the ninth annual Treasure Island Music Festival hosted by Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment! Some of our favorite acts from this years stellar lineup included Viceroy, Run The Jewels, Chvrches, War on Drugs, Big Grams, Deadmau5, Father John Misty, and Cashmere Cat.

Take a peek at some of our favorite highlights brought to you by our editors James Pawlish/Lance Skundrich and S.F. photographer Thibault Palomares.

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Big Boi Polaroid

Big BoiBig Grams 2_MG_5646_MG_6545TIMF 2015_MG_6279_MG_6477_MG_6500DeadMau5_MG_5839_MG_5745_MG_6180_MG_6134_MG_6547