Illustrator and Painter Theresa Baxter is back with a whole new set of watercolor nudes that you HAVE to see. With explosive colors and gorgeous lines, each piece brings to life the female form in a beautiful way. The best part? Each piece is up for grabs on her website.

Any recent shows in Los Angeles?

I have shown at LAMother and Spacedust!

What’s your next project?

I’m actually working on some really exciting new stuff! I’m setting up a new art space in Mid-City that will be half studios/creative work space and half gallery /event space. The goal is to create a kind of collaborative where artists and creatives can work and learn from one another, and benefit from the collective exposure. I love collaboration and immersive, experiential art events and having the space to do both has been my dream for the longest time. I just want to make things and have fun.
I will be opening my doors in the beginning of next year, but anybody who is interested can reach out to me at submit@theresbaxter.me – I’m hoping to get a few more people who are serious about building their dream studio, office or whatever, and want to be involved from the get-go. I have this warehouse that I am converting into art spaces and it would be great to get the vision of the people who will be using it before I start subdividing.


Take a look at the rest of the set below, and be sure to check out her website to snag some prints!!


Pieces+Blue+Ink_web2 Bum

Stretch_web Two Cirlce


Theresa Baxter Website / Instagram