Patricija Stepanovic‘s work is sometimes dark and eerie, but always inspiring and captivating. It pulls you in, almost like a movie, keeps you on the edge of your seat and never stops making you want more. The all fa along film photographer has mastered the art of the perfect angle and the light she captures surrounding her subjects has us just in awe and breathless. Born in 1989 in Slovenia, Logatec but now living in Gothenburg, Germany she has built a following on photo streaming sites like Cargo Collective and Flickr that help artists get their work out to the masses, and it’s no wonder so many have fallen in love with her creative eye like we have – she has a world all her own and it’s something of a privilege when you find artists that draw you in and let you share in their mind’s eye like she does with the world. Graduating of Fine Art Photography in London, she is quickly on the rise and definitely someone we think you should have on your radar! Here are some of our favorite shots of hers, we hope you love her work as much as we do!

See more of Patricija Stepanovic’s work here: WEBSITE