Ramon Jamar has brought his eye to NAKID with his first exclusive editorial for us! Entitled, “Miss Anonymous“, the story was 100% shot on film, using a Pentax 67II and a Mamiya RZ67. “I love film” says Jamar, “medium format are my favorite camera’s to shoot with.. There’s something organic and sensual about shooting film that speaks to me.” Starring Felicia Salgado, Jamar tells us the story of how they came together for this amazing shoot.

“I met with Felicia the day after she returned from Miami; it was my 3rd shoot of the day, we had about an hour left of light and only two rolls of film left. 

She and I have shot together before, so there was a comfort level there that allowed us to just create a mood that was sensual and mysterious at the same time; focusing on the female form.”

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