Words By: Amanda “Violet” Ravotti

An enigmatic creature wearing an African tribal-inspired animal mask portrays the raw depth of beauty, love and peace of this chillwave genre music style. Slow Magic is a man who represents everyone’s imaginary friend. Sending out eargasms with his commanding performance, he evokes a mysterious wonder with tracks dressed in a hazy, atmospheric bliss. He veers from overarching themes that edge from being hypnotic, wistful, sensual and uplifting. He is nature that cannot be tamed.  His electronic performance glides into your consciousness as you feel yourself swimming in a body rush with the intense rhythms crashing all around you. Like ocean waves taking over your soul, it feels like energy lapping at you and good vibes all around.  The mystical rhythm and steady tempo creates a landscape as if you were navigating an open space of spontaneous energy. Everything is bathed in a colorful light. Seeing Slow Magic is like watching an artist evolve in front of the crowd and taking them on an enchanted journey.  




The songs start off gradually and pick up pace with a cosmic and escapist feel that escalated into a fervent intensity as Slow Magic shook, passionately beating his drums with a sinuous grace.

The background visual effects behind his nonstop dancing figure changed from various brilliant hues, to a whirling vortex that ended with a shadow image of his figure bursting into pieces before fading out and dissolving into melted colors.

This music has a unique depth that feels like there are no rules, just pure raw energy that feeds your soul. A style that feels magical. He’s a musical warrior shaking with reckless abandonment and energy that could tear you apart and then soothe you back together again. The supernatural ambiance and ethereal escalation is most certainly unforgettable.



Don’t miss the chance to catch Slow Magic; he will be playing at Fun Fun Fun Fest with Giraffage and Daktyl this week in Austin.




Photos by: Adrian Samano 

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