This past weekend, contributing photographer, Kristina Bakrevski, stopped over to see our good friends at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco and checked out their new show “Catch Me if You Can” by the French duo Ratur and Sckaro. Using graphic design, photography, and traditional painting methods, the life long friends have been able to intricately build a series of works that showcase their re-interpertations of early Flemish and European paintings.

Each painting of “Catch Me if You Can” is based off a copter-edited photo, usually of the artists themselves. Carefully rendered backgrounds and rich color tones allow for the mid and background to slip away into less contrasted illustrations. This itself gives a sense of dreaminess that pushes itself out towards you, as if pulling you into an alternate reality. If you happen to be in the Bay Area, stop on by 1AM and check out the show!