Artist and Make-Up extraordinaire Aileen Quintana has developed a new vision that
merges art, make-up, and fashion via an interactive art installation.
Quintana’s fashion interactive performance installations allow guests to
be transformed aesthetically and transported to an alternate version of
reality. A concept that Quintana first tested at III Points
2013 with tremendous success.She has also been commissioned for other
similar fashion/ makeup/ art installations around Miami as a result of her
success with the III Points team, creating a memorable experience for
everyone …

aileen-008 aileen-007

A/S/L :
?/f/outer space

You are known in Miami and all over the world for your work, how do you get to this point?
– I just work really hard and try to be really nice to people …
there is no limits on what your capable of in life …. I just keep
it going and keep that creative flow alive …

What inspires you to create these worlds?
– Infinite destinations, the one only way to be in the future is to
create one ….everything inspires me and how i develop the sub worlds

What do you dream about?
I feel like … I am in a dream ….. I never know if I’m asleep or
awake ….

Out of all of your travels what is your favorite city in the world? Why?
I’m torn between Tokyo and Berlin …. both places share a special place
in my heart and in my soul ….. music, fashion and art are so present in
these two cities and most of my influences for my art work derives from my
travels …

What are you travel essentials?
Headphones , earplugs ,a hydrating and purifying mask, lucas paw paw
,vitamin c and a good set of b12, one good set of black boots and all
the lipsticks i can carry ….

What turns you on?
For someone to lose themselves …only to find
themselves inside of me… and ohh yea and if you can really play a
guitar too 🙂

You Can Check Out Aileen at Art Basel in Miami

An artist’s work is a direct interpretation of Aileen world in her perspective, working as an escape from the confines of reality. Over time and through experience, her home has become a carefully curated compilation of her work, a physical product of how I view the world.
In a one-of-kind experience that allows guests to interact with and relate to the art, relax, and truly submerge themselves within the moment they are living in. dream-like interactive installation that utilizes every room differently. It is a psychedelic portal that defies the boundaries and standards of a typical art exhibition and allows guests to become lost deep in her world within.


aileen-006 aileen-005 aileen-003 aileen-011 aileen-010

See more of Aileen’s work on her Website and Instagram


Interview and photos  by: Veronica Gessa

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