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Polaroid & Film story by Bon Jane, featuring Anastasia Chibisova

Rachel Brennecke, a.k.a. Bon Jane, is an American-born artist who received her BFA from The Rietveld Academie in The Netherlands in 2007. She is a director, photographer, artist and filmmaker who mentored under established artists Peter Beard, Mark Seliger, and later Gilles Bensimon as his First Assistant for five years following her degree. In addition to working behind the camera, Bon Jane has performed at The Museum of Modern Art for Marina Abramovic’s historical retrospective and exhibition ‘The Artist is Present’, and for artist Vanessa Beecroftfor installation ‘VB64’ at Deitch Projects. She frequently appears in front of the lens and has been portrayed in VICE, PurpleDiary, The New York Times, Marina Abramovic’s book The Artist is Present, and Mark Seliger’s LISTEN. Jane currently works in New York in the fields of fashion, portraiture, editorial, lifestyle and commercial photography. Her work has been in publications such as Galore, Creem, and VICE magazine, and on,,, Harper’s, and Marie

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