Aiko, "Bunny," spray paint

Hello from the Other Side: Curating Street Art on the Web {EXCLUSIVES}

“Street art is unique among art genres for the way it rebels against any single definition. It is not defined by a medium, a time period, or a style. Massive painted murals can be street art, and so can tiny wooden sculptures. Street art might look like pop art, or it might look abstract. This curated selection of prints and editioned works is about capturing a small slice of the variety that exists within street art, and making it accessible to collectors and fans of worldwide. The men and women included in this series made their names by putting up art on the street. Today, they also work in studios, producing pieces for collectors who want to support and share in the joy of artwork that transforms public space. I hope you enjoy this exclusive series of editioned artworks by seven of the most innovative, historic, and exciting names in street art.” – RJ Rushmore of Vandalog

Ron English, "Monarch Butterfly", image courtesy Amazon Street Art Project

Street Art is a relatively self-explanatory art practice: art that is created in the public forum, in the streets.  Often street art is revealed to be individual tags or various forms of graffiti work.  Other times, it is using an outdoor wall as a canvas for an artist’s own detailed manifestation.  But how does street art function on the internet?  And not just on the internet, but as a new feature on the largest internet-based retail site, Amazon?  RJ Rushmore, creator of the well known street art blog Vandalog, has collaborated with Amazon in order to curate the Amazon Street Art Project, a gallery featuring work by seven International street artists.  Each work will become available on December 7th as a limited edition print.

Logan Hicks, "The Observers," spray paint and stencil, image courtesy Amazon Street Art ProjectThis collection will be available for purchase for one week and will feature new works by Ron English, stikman, Faith47, Gaia, AIKO, Logan Hicks, and Ganzeer. From offering three screen printed works, one etching, one letterpress, one print done entirely with spray paint and stencils, and one hand-finished giclée, each artist is exploring a new realm of print exhibition and commodity on Amazon’s new hub in the art world.  Each piece on the site is an edition of 50, and the prices range from $200 to $550 a piece.

Ganzeer, "After the Starstuff," image courtesy Amazon Street Art Project

The amount of detail that goes into these works reveals an expert level of color theory and precision.  The details from each of these prints are crisp and fine.  Using print techniques, washes, spray paint, stencils and more, these works are graphic and each print gives Amazon’s art audience a taste of some of the most talented street artists in the world.

Don’t miss out on this sweet opportunity to support these incredible artists as well as the evolution of street art.  Also, dive into a new paradigm on Amazon’s website and spread the word about a new approachable platform to view and purchase art.  And be sure to support these artists on social media using #asap and grab your print on December 7th!

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