Photographer Adolfo Valente and model Stelladiplastica got together and created this alluring ephemeral images that captivate us.

Movement can be a difficult thing to capture in photography, or at least it can be hard to do it well.  And emotion is something all artists strive for in their work.  Well this editorial most certainly does both of those things very well.  The soft light and backdrop mixed with the body and finesse of model and dancer Stelladiplastica has definitely got us feeling some type of way!

To see more of Adolfo’s work go here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM
and for more from Stella check out: TUMBLR / INSTAGRAM

Stelladiplastica_03Stelladiplastica_04 Stelladiplastica_05 Stelladiplastica_06 Stelladiplastica_07 Stelladiplastica_08 Stelladiplastica_09 Stelladiplastica_10 Stelladiplastica_11 Stelladiplastica_12 Stelladiplastica_13 Stelladiplastica_14 Stelladiplastica_15 Stelladiplastica_16 Stelladiplastica_18 Stelladiplastica_19 Stelladiplastica_20 Stelladiplastica_22 Stelladiplastica_23

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