With “Evolution” Marc Quintana has made a round exposure to which nothing is superfluous and in which nothing is missing. His pieces show characters in anonymous spaces with a mysterious halo. Above all, hidden faces emerging from a haze of charcoal and pastel, in between apparently messy strokes with street art reminiscences, graffiti and tagging an urban look, it’s what points out. The careful composition of this artist, that usually present monochrome works framing the scene, aroused the curiosity of the viewer, in an attempt to find out why, the context and the underlying reason of these faceless figures. The subliminal message remains in the air as one of the main concerns addressed to the young and not so young artists today: the fear surge of the denaturing of the individual absorbed in an interconnected world, as never before, as a result of cyber networks. A paradox often repeated these days and probably confirms the necessary proof of that reality inexcusable even for art.


“My work is a subjective representation of contemporary society and how our own evolution is leading to the loss of values, identity and dehumanization of the individual. Technology, social networks, urban iconography and globalization, in general, gradually deprive us of our supposed intellectual freedom, becoming serial elements majority and in individuals with no voice” he explained.

At first sight, Marc Quintana’s art takes us back to a cold and even insignificant world in their common nature and stereotyped social content.  However, his work places special emphasis on the implementation process: textures created with pigment, airbrushed shadings of the coal and the lighting hue. All of this reaffirms the importance given to the plastic aspects nearly as much as the isolated human figures, designed from a certain contemporary naturalism. It’s a way to make it appear that seeks the opposite effect, whose expressive warmth reveals unusual itself in this type of artificial scenes based in a photographic realism with journalistic roots.

The hyperrealism of the details contrasts with the chaos of the atmosphere and the mixture of artistic techniques, which contribute to give a surprising plasticity to these personalities, coming from dense clouds of carbon dust smoke. There are more than twenty works in black and white, illuminated by brief patches of bright. Terse but delicate compositions executed with mixed media on paper and canvas, an extraordinary command of pictorial resources that nothing detracts from the narrative function of the image, but on the contrary, enriches showing great creative audacity achieved by the Catalan artist in recent works.

These images are not elitist, nor are guided by a clear theme, are an almost passive record that far from exalting a product, it’s simply defined as an aesthetic strategy. This is not an objective reality; there aren’t specific analyses, only a contrast, or better, a symbiosis between the representation of the true and false. We live in a world in need, especially, to achieve an identity. Marc Quintana rescues generic images that reveal that everything overlaps in a world of exaggerated baroque advertising, where the expert designer is able to replace the old municipal shields.

Nowadays, our society is camouflaged in between reality and fiction, this topic reminds me of Metropolis or Blade Runner; replicants that are visually indistinguishable from humans that far from living a dream, they are in a real situation. And all that distortion of reality is protected by the fragmented scenes of Quintana.

He avoids his painter condition to be, simply, an image maker going away from the contemporary city as a stage, becoming an anarchic identity; determining an attitude, a complicit gaze able to include and harmonize a paint, design and life in an image.

Marc’s work didn’t leave anyone indifferent, for the accuracy of the stroke, the pictorial quality, the novelty and mystery of the composition that encloses parts of contradictory essence: the order of personal anarchy, delicacy and beauty of the most anonymous and genuine civility.


marc quintana-untitled7